Moving to AutoSSL


Due to the ongoing issues with SSL renewals while using the custom version of Let's Encrypt, we have today made the decision to change all of our cPanel servers to use cPanel's AutoSSL.


AutoSSL automatically issues SSL certificates on a daily schedule for all domains on the server that have valid DNS, so there is nothing an end-user needs to do in order to secure their domain(s) with SSL.


This should highly improve the success rate for SSL renewals on our servers and make it easier for clients to secure their domains.


AutoSSL is currently running on all of our cPanel servers and updating all domains that have valid DNS with a new SSL certificate. 


If your domain does not have a certificate or the certificate is expired, etc., it will be automatically updated/renewed shortly.



*Note: If you find a domains certificate not updating, you can try uninstalling the old certificate and then manually run AutoSSL.


To uninstall the old certificate in cPanel: Security --> SSL/TLS --> Manage SSL Hosts

Find the expired certificate and click "Uninstall" from Actions


To run AutoSSL manually in cPanel go to: Security --> SSL/TLS Status

Click the "Run AutoSSL" button.




If you still have an issue, please do not hesitate to submit a ticket and we will assist you.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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